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Founded in 1990, INTACOL was a pioneer in the introduction of the Micronization process in Portugal, becoming the only Portuguese factory that bet on this innovative technique.
Initially dedicated to the production of micronized laminated soybeans in an intensive way, it gradually moved on to the production of laminated micronized cereals.

In constant improvement and development, it was from 1995 onwards that INTACOL focused and specialized its activity in the production of complete feeds for horses. Key to this leap was a partnership with Charnwood Milling Company, a renowned British horse nutrition company.

In 2004, INTACOL was acquired by Reagro, an important Portuguese trading company in the field of raw materials for animal feed.

The development, production and commercialization of feed exclusively for horses became INTACOL's focus, with a commitment to rigorous quality control of the constituent raw materials. These are carefully selected and subjected to reliable and consistent heat treatment processes, which ensure a considerable improvement in digestibility, increasing available energy and food safety (elimination of anti-nutritional factors).

INTACOL has a wide range of concentrate feeds that meet the nutritional needs of mares, foals, stallions and horses at all levels of competition, in various modalities and in all physiological states.

In 2020, INTACOL decided to expand its product spectrum by launching a new line of supplements, specially designed to improve the health of the joints, hooves, breathing, digestion, intestines and the behavior of horses.


Always ensuring the highest quality, INTACOL is able to prepare a personalized ration for each horse, taking into account its weight, structure, work and other factors.

INTACOL's objective is to ensure a correct nutritional supply:




Through balanced food and food programs, we ensure compliance with all nutritional parameters, ensuring the health, well-being and performance optimization of all horses.

This is our mission

Ensure the correct feeding of your horse!